Media Sensationalism

At Paraíso Real Estate, we understand that not every The British press, in particular, is often full of sensationalist horror stories regaling readers and viewers of the worst case scenarios when it’s all gone wrong. Not long ago, they were telling us that nothing could go wrong and that foreign property investment was the only way forward!

It is true that some people have been left in very unfortunate circumstances after having invested their life savings in property abroad. Unfortunately, for the most part, they have been the innocent victims of bad advice or, in some circumstances, no advice. A lot of these cases have been rife in other parts of Spain and there have been examples on the Costa del Sol.

Your Deposit is Safe.

At Paraíso Real Estate we work within a small geographical area where we know the goings on of everything around us. We know and understand the rules and regulations regarding building in the area, town hall planning, licensing and legalities. We can recommend law firms that are well established in the area who we know will investigate any purchase fully before allowing you to proceed. Any deposits you pay will stay in the hands of lawyers providing you with a safeguard in the event of any irregularities discovered by your lawyer. As an agent, we will hold NO money on your behalf and instead insist that you use a recognized and qualified lawyer.

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