Recent Developments and News in Estepona

Welcome to the latest edition of our blog, where we bring you the most recent developments and news from the beautiful town of Estepona.

As summer heats up, so does the activity in this vibrant part of the Costa del Sol. Estepona continues to shine as a beacon of growth and prosperity, with numerous new projects, cultural revivals, and dynamic market trends making headlines. From the opening of state-of-the-art commercial spaces to significant cultural restorations, the past month has been nothing short of transformative for this picturesque town. Join us as we delve into the latest happenings that are shaping Estepona into an even more desirable destination for residents and visitors alike.

Pool Reopenings on the Costa del Sol

As summer begins, we have some fantastic news to share with our valued clients and readers! The Junta de Andalucía has officially approved the reopening of swimming pools across the Costa del Sol, provided that water usage does not exceed 225 litres per person per day. This regulation applies to popular regions including Marbella, Guadalmina, Benahavís, and Estepona. Both public and private pools are able to be filled up, allowing both residents and tourists to keep cool during the summer months.

43% of properties on the Costa del Sol are sold in less than a month

Estepona’s real estate market is experiencing a boom, with properties selling faster than ever. According to recent reports, properties in Málaga and its surrounding areas, including Estepona, are now sold in less than a month on average. This rapid turnover highlights the growing demand for homes in the region, making it a hotspot for both buyers and investors​!

Cultural Developments: Castillo de San Luis

In cultural news, the historic Castillo de San Luis, a coastal fortress built at the end of the 16th century, is undergoing restoration and will soon be reopened as a museum. This project aims to preserve Estepona’s rich history while providing an educational and cultural attraction for visitors. The museum will offer insights into the town’s past and its architectural heritage.

Demand from Arab and North American markets

In nearby Marbella, the luxury property market is booming, attracting a surge of interest from North American and Arab buyers. Data shows that North Americans, including those from the USA and Canada, have become increasingly interested in Marbella’s luxury tourism sector, seeking exclusive spaces in both five-star hotels and private villas. This trend is expected to positively impact the broader Costa del Sol property market, including Estepona, as more affluent buyers look to invest in this desirable region.

Sporting Legends in Estepona

Estepona’s sports scene is set to get a boost with the involvement of Brazilian football legends Ronaldo and Julio Baptista. They are leading a new project aimed at elevating the profile of CD Estepona, the local football club. This initiative is expected to enhance the club’s performance and bring more attention to the local sports community, making it an exciting time for sports fans in the area!

Real Estate Opportunities

With all these developments, Estepona remains a prime location for real estate investment. Rental returns are some of the highest in Spain, making the Costa del Sol a fantastic place to invest and expand your portfolio.

The combination of new commercial projects, cultural enhancements, and infrastructural improvements makes it an attractive destination for those looking to buy property either as a residence or an investment. Paraiso Real Estate is here to help you navigate the market and find the perfect property to suit your needs. Whether you are interested in a beachfront apartment, a luxury villa, or a cosy townhouse, we offer a wide range of options to meet your lifestyle and investment preferences.

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