Prestigious Starlite Festival to Debut in Estepona

According to newly-announced plans, Starlite Festival, the prestigious music and culture event held in Marbella over the summer, looks set to move to a brand-new, purpose-built location in Estepona.

Usually hosted at the magical Cantera de Nagüeles venue in Marbella, the new location is expected to be based next to the Selwo Aventura Park, surrounded by greenery and with a fantastic array of new facilities on offer.

With a huge 15,000-seat auditorium, a hotel, a conference centre, a beautiful lake, and a fake quarry as part of the plans, this new addition to the area looks set to take Estepona to new heights over the coming years.

Starlite Festival History
The Starlite Festival is an annual cultural and music event held in Marbella, Spain. It typically takes place during the summer months, often from July to August, and has gained recognition for its diverse programme of entertainment, featuring concerts, film screenings, fashion shows, and other cultural performances. The festival attracts both national and international artists from around the world, including world-renowned musicians, actors, and celebrities such as Tom Jones, Lionel Richie, Seal, Ricky Martin, Rod Stewart, Iggy Pop, Black Eyed Peas and many more.

Usually set in the Cantera de Nagüeles in Marbella, a former quarry transformed into a natural amphitheatre surrounded by mountains, Starlite Festival’s new location aims to provide a platform for various forms of artistic expression, promoting cultural diversity and entertainment. Its visitors can expect a range of musical genres, including pop, rock, jazz, and classical music, with performances from well-known artists. In addition to music, the festival often includes events like charity galas, art exhibitions, and gastronomic experiences.

Estepona’s Future
Estepona, known on the Costa del Sol for its tranquillity and forward-thinking projects over the years, has experienced a remarkable economic and tourism boost due to its sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives, thanks to its progressive mayor, José María García Urbano.

The new location for Starlite is expected to give the local economy an even further boost, while also putting Estepona on the map as an important cultural location on the Costa del Sol. The festival is known for attracting more than 40,000 visitors, offering a variety of leisure activities and high-quality performances, solidifying its status as a major player in the leisure and tourism scene on the Costa del Sol. The attendees contribute to increased spending in the local economy. This includes ticket sales, accommodation, dining, transportation, and various other services. Local businesses can experience a rise in revenue during the festival period.

Real Estate Market
Starlite Festival is expected to make a big impact on Estepona’s real estate market as well. With the stream of tourists, performers, and concert-goers pouring into the area, there’s likely to be a surge in demand for both residential and commercial properties around the Selwo area. Investors can look forward to property values going up, thanks to the prestige and global visibility brought by Starlite.

Estepona’s selection as the host city for the upcoming edition of Starlite Festival marks a significant turning point for the annual event and for the city itself. The decision to move the festival to Estepona brings forth new possibilities and opportunities for the real estate market and Estepona itself. In essence, hosting the Starlite Festival is not supposed to be a one-time event for Estepona but an ongoing opportunity to redefine its narrative, attract global attention, and create a lasting impact on its cultural, economic, and social landscape.

Real Estate Opportunities
The arrival of Starlite in Estepona will bring with it increased demand for short-term rentals, making any investment in the area not just a long-term asset, but a lucrative short-term income source. Any property in the area will also benefit from increased online visibility, attracting those who visit Estepona all year round.

It’s not just the music venue that will bring in the crowds to Selwo and the surrounding areas, but it’s also the addition of the hotel, conference centre, lake and square that will bring in both day and night visitors, creating a new hub of activity in the area.

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